Dorothy Day

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Bohemia: Floyd Dell describes how Mabel Dodge, Edna St. Vincent Millay, John Reed, and he ruled Greenwich Village during the 1920s until "success ruined us."

Dorothy Day: The Greenwich Village bohemian has a religious conversion and devotes herself to helping the down and out.

Joe Tumulty and Edith Wilson: After the President's stroke, his wife and secretary try to run the country themselves. (2 roles)

The Bobbed-Haired Bandit: A cynical reporter ghostwrites the autobiography of the most celebrated stick-up artist of the Jazz Age (Celia Roth Cooney).

Raoul Walsh: Rides with Pancho Villa and then begins his directing career in Hollywood "when we were all rough necks."

Houdini versus "Margery": The great contest between the spiritualist and the spiritualist "debunker."

Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley: They rode high in the Jazz Age but then came the 30s.

Samuel Seabury: A New York judge brings down the corrupt mayor, Jimmy Walker, and replaces him with Fiorello La Guardia.

Lucky Lindy: How did Charles Lindbergh get from being the most celebrated aeronautical hero of the late 1920s to the most vilified pro-German apologist of the late 1930s?

Edna St. Vincent Millay: Her husband tries to ease the pain of her declining fame as the queen of bohemia.

The Ponzi Scheme: The fates of three Italian immigrants in eastern Massachusetts: Sacco, Vanzetti and Charles Ponzi.

Frances Perkins: As FDR's Labor Secretary, she takes the heat for all the New Deal policies that don't work.

Harry and Hallie: The rise and fall of the Federal Theater Program under Harry Hopkins and Hallie Flannigan. (2 roles)

Frank Lloyd Wright: An assessment of the controversial architect by his apprentice of thirty years, Jack Howe.

John Dos Passos and Ernest Hemingway: Two writers covering the Spanish Civil War fall out over factional infighting.

Ruth McKenney: Ruth and her sister Eileen go to New York, become famous, and take very different paths.

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