The Gilded Age

James Fisk

Table of Contents:

Full text Monologues are below table of contents.

High Crimes and misdemeanors: The impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson.

Jubilee Jim: James Fisk, Brattleboro's irrepressible robber baron, finds his private life harder to deal with than his financial one.

Vicky: Victoria Woodhull is the first woman to run for President, which she is forced to do from jail.

Henry Stanley: His troubled career on several continents before he discovered Dr. Livingstone in darkest Africa.

Thomas Eakin: The realist painter encounters the myth-making novelist Ned Buntline.

Andrew Carnegie: The steel magnate falls out with his partner, Henry Clay Frick.

Ward McAllister: He teaches "the 400" how to consume conspicuously during the Gilded Age.

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