Upheaval of the 1960s/1970s

Cesar Chavez

Table of Contents:

Full text Monologues are below table of contents.

The Chicago Conspiracy Trial: Abbie Hoffman's day in court. An arrangement of the court transcript, 1969.

Hubert Humphrey: The courageous Democratic Convention of 1948 is contrasted with the disastrous one of 1968.

Abe Fortas: His forced resignation leads to the collapse of the Warren Court.

Robert Moses: The highway and bridge builder, the so-called Emperor of New York, finally falls.

John Nash: "A beautiful mind" goes haywire.

Linus Pauling: He wins the Nobel Prize both for science and peace but still faces nothing but controversy.

The Lardners: The father was the leading sports writer for the 1920s; the son, a communist, emerges from prison to write M*A*S*H*.

Two graces in Hollywood: Actress Grace Kelly and the author of Peyton Place Grace Metalious describe how to get around the censors.

Elia Kazan on Nick Ray: The difficult friendship of two film directors.

Robert Frost: Life and opinions of the poet.

Claude Sitton: The New York Times reporter, Claude Sitton, covers the Civil Rights Movement from 1957 to 1967.

Rusty: Bayard Rustin arranges the March on Washington but then is abandoned by Martin Luther King Jr.

Stairway to the Stars: Chuck Pick, chauffeur to Peter Lawford, gets an inside peek at Marilyn Monroe's interaction with the Kennedy brothers.

Jean Seberg: A blonde beauty from the Midwest becomes a movie star and then an activist in the black power movement.

Cesar: Cesar Chavez takes on both the farm cartels and the truckers.

Tip O'Neill: A wily old pol refuses to lie down for three different presidents.

Lyndon Johnson and Robert Kennedy: Their feud is responsible for prolonging the war in Vietnam. (Script will be added at later date)

Coyote Song: Actor Peter Coyote describes his involvement in the counter-culture movements of the 1960s and 70s.

Boston Busing: Based on "Common Ground" by J. Anthony Lukas. Three families---one Yankee (the Divers), one black (the Twymons), and one Irish (the McGoffs)--- face having their children bused to schools out of their communities.

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