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Geoffry Brown as Theodore Roosevelt

Table of Contents:

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T.R. & the Children: Theodore Roosevelt sends his sons off to war, with tragic results.

Civilizing the Savages: Mark Twain spars with Theodore Roosevelt over the U.S. occupation of the Philippines.

The River of Doubt: Vermont naturalist, George Cherrie, describes how Theodore Roosevelt's life was saved in Brazil by his son, Kermit.

Alice and Eleanor: Alice Roosevelt Longworth compares the very different ways she and Eleanor Roosevelt overcame their unhappy childhoods.

The Dutchess: Mrs. Edward McLean, the owner of the Hope Diamond, describes how Florence Harding won the Presidency for her husband.

Full Bloom: "Magic Man" Sol Bloom builds The White City of Chicago's World's Fair against great odds.

Innocence: Was Evelyn Nesbit (the Girl in the Velvet Swing) a femme fatale or a victim in the rivalry that led to the shooting of Stanford White?

Eugene V. Debs: The making of a radical and three-time socialist candidate for President.

Emma Thomas: A mother with two soldier and two pacifist sons in World War I.

Sister Aimee: H.L. Mencken defends evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, saying she exemplifies the best of American hucksterism.

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