Pre-Revolutionary Northeast

Geoffry Brown as Royall Tyler

Table of Contents:

Full text Monologues are below table of contents.

Roger Williams: The separation of church and state in 1640 Rhode Island.

Captain William Kidd: Pirate or victim of colonial politics in NY?

Boston, 1721: The 15-year-old Ben Franklin fights to survive a small pox epidemic, an oppressive British governor, and the cruel regime of his brother James in their print shop.

Ethan Allen: Defends himself against the charge of being nothing but a "mountain lout."

Sons of Liberty: Loyalist Peter Oliver vs. the Rebels in pre-Revolutionary Boston.

Royall Tyler: Episodes in the life of the soldier, romantic swain, and America's first playwright before settling in Vermont.

                  • Rebellion (Boston, 1774)
                  • Romance (Braintree, 1780)
                  • Success (Braintree, 1786)
                  • Drama (NYC, 1787)

Benjamin Franklin: Comes to the rescue of an Indian tribe in Western Pennsylvania.

Benjamin Rush: The would-be peacemaker among the cantankerous Founding Fathers.

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