Turn of the 20th Century

Nellie Bly

Table of Contents:

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Nellie Bly: The first star woman reporter and famous around-the-world traveler during the 1890s. (A musical, 7 roles)

China Polly: The adventures of an illegal immigrant in the gold rush mining camps of Idaho.

Ida Tarbell: The muckraking journalist takes on John D. Rockefeller and wins.

The Trouble with Kipling: Beatty Balestier, gentleman farmer of Dummerston, VT, tells his side of the feud with his brother-in-law, Rudyard Kipling.

Gus Rapp: A traveling showman spends a lifetime bringing a little magic to small-town America.

Flagler's Folly: Henry Flagler's obsession with building "a road across the sea" ends in triumph -- and great loss of life.

The Trial of Big Bill Heywood: "Which side are you on?" is the rallying cry during the labor wars of the first part of the 20th century. (5 roles)

Jane Addams: The founder of Chicago's Hull House battles the corrupt political machine. (5 roles)

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