Dancer Paul Taylor

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Who is Patty Hearst? Why did the heiress so quickly embrace the militant anti-capitalist cause of her kidnappers?

Jimmy Carter: The speech that sank his presidency.

Joe Papp: A poor boy who rises to become the imperious theater impresario.

Paul Taylor: The dancer-choreographer describes why it was necessary for him to break from the influence of Martha Graham.

Katharine Graham: A rich widow finds herself running The Washington Post and exposing the corruption of the Nixon administration.

The Coors Wars: Peter Coors, one member of the beer dynasty, tries to break from its arch-conservative doctrines.

Roddy McDowall: He served as father confessor to other former child stars, including Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor.

Oliver North: After being exposed as a mastermind behind selling Iranian arms to the Nicaraguan rebels, he runs for the US Senate.

Dick Cheney: The Vice-President is blocked from accruing unlimited power in the White House.

David Axelrod: Barack Obama's campaign manager explains how elections are won on emotion, not reason.

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